Mount St. Helens Eruption
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After our reading selection about Mount St. Helens the students had an interest in knowing more about it. Looking through my files and videos I found a video cassette called Keeper of the Fire.  Yes, now the challenge was finding a VCR and TV.  We had one left in the building. I think I will have to get this video turned into a CD soon. The students were amazed at the awesome destruction and power shown in the video. Nothing like bringing your reading to life. This study led to more volcano interest, especially Pompeii.  I read to them The Magic Tree House  Under the Volcano, an easy beginners book to read. Showed pictures from internet sources, the students again were amazed.  It just so happened that two different reading test  selections happened to be on volcanos.  I just wish they were as interested and focused when it came test time! Reading broadens our horizons, our knowledge, and our interests. Keep you student reading!
Posted by tmitchell  On Mar 23, 2018 at 2:55 PM 26 Comments
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